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Moulins Organ Academy 2021

August 15-18, 2021

Course in association with Les Amis des Orgues de Moulins. Tutor Alexis Droy, Titulaire Organist of Moulins Cathedral.

Christopher Stembridge offers online teaching on Frescobaldi

Based on his new edition for Bärenreiter Urtext.


Photos from the Souvigny Organ Academy 2017
click on an image to enlarge or to download high resolution version:

Clicquot organ at Souvigny
At the Clicquot organ
Clicquot organ class
Break between classes, Souvigny
Playing Lasceux at Souvigny
Playing Grigny at Souvigny
Playing Grigny on the Clicquot organ
Class on de Grigny
Jean-Luc Perrot teaching de Grigny
The Merklin organ, Moulins Cathedral
Alexis Droy teaching Vierne
Alexis operates the “Orage” pedal
Alexis teaching Lefébure-Wély
Class at the Merklin organ, Moulins
Tour of the cathedral roof at Moulins