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Souvigny Organ Academy
Monday August 20 - Saturday August 26
Moulins and Souvigny, Allier, France

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The Cambridge Academy of Organ studies offers a range of events aimed at promoting the playing and study of pipe organs built on historic principles. Our next events are:

Summer course in France
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Souvigny Organ Academy
Monday August 20 - Saturday August 26
Moulins and Souvigny, Allier, France
Summer course in France
Moulins and Souvigny, France
20–26 August 2018
Souvigny Organ Academy

Tutors will be the Titular Organists Jean-Luc Perrot, Pierre Dubois, Alexis Droy

The course for 2018 will be extended by an extra day with three full days at each instrument. The courses will be held on the famous 1783 Clicquot organ at Souvigny and the historic 1880 Merklin organ in the cathedral of nearby Moulins within the same week, giving the opportunity to study a broad range of French music on historic instruments of the period, with expert tuition. 

CAOS offers bursaries for students over 18 in full time education and of a suitable standard to attend. Enquiries to CAOS Secretary Andrew Johnson.

It is possible to attend each course separately as an active participant or an observer, or follow one course as an active participant and the other as an observer, or take in both courses with a reduction in the overall price for active participants.

Dates for 2018:

Moulins - Monday August 20 – Wednesday 22.

Souvigny - Thursday August 23 - Saturday 25.

Cost in Euros:
One course (Souvigny or Moulins) — €250 active participants, €80 observers.
Both courses — €450 active participants, €160 observers.
Active on one course and observer at the other — €250 plus €80.

Daily rate for observers - €30.

Places for active participants will be limited to 5 to allow for practice time as well as tuition at the instruments. Observers are welcome, without a limit on numbers.

Repertoire for Souvigny from Jean-Luc Perrot: 

La suite du 1er ton de Gilles Jullien  

Livre d’Orgue Pierre du Mage    

A.P.F. Boëly


2) Les opus 10, 11 et 12

3) Offertoire pour le jour de Pâques (op. 38)

4) Fantasia pour le verset « Judex crederis » au Te Deum (op. 38)

[Preferred editions are those of Boëly’s time (Richault) rather than the recent Publimuses edition.]    

Repertoire for Moulins from Alexis Droy:  

-A. P. F. Boëly: 12 pièces op18.

-César Franck: Fantaisie en ut op16 et Grande pièce symphonique op17.  

-Joseph Bonnet: Nocturne, Rêverie, Intermezzo (n°4,6 et 7 des 12 pièces Op.5) et Variations de Concert op1.

Note that works by Boëly will be studied at both organs, providing a fascinating insight into the evolution of the organ of the late Classical period into the organ of the 19th century.

Enquiries and applications to CAOS Secretary Andrew Johnson

Applications and further information:
Andrew Johnson,
telephone: 01223 240026,